Book Excerpts

Excerpts from Swami in a Strange Land


  • The Reckoning - Thirty-six days later, after traveling 12,000 miles, the Jaladuta arrived in Boston harbor. The Coast Guard saluted the crew as they disembarked. Sailors unloaded cargo, and the following day the ship departed for New York. At noon on Sunday, September 19, 1965, Swamiji stared out at skyscrapers lining the New
  • Kirtan Comes to America -   ATTENDANCE GREW AT THESE SUNDAY CHANTING SESSIONS in Tompkins Square Park.1 One Saturday, Ginsberg arrived with a group of friends including downtown notables, fellow beat poets, actors and playwrights. The group sat on the grass and joined the chanting. A reporter from the New York Times, hoping for an interview,
  • The Physics of Consciousness - DR. RICHARD L. THOMPSON, PhD, grew up among people who had eliminated God from their lives: his parents went to church but didn't believe what they heard there and their indifference to religion rubbed off on him. By the time he was in high school, Thompson was drawn to science.